Your Brain on a Washing Machine

And even more stupid thoughts.

Suppose you could get into a gigantic washing machine. It spins fast. Very fast. Almost to the speed of light. Can you picture it?

Come on, I trust you.

Okay. As I said, you are inside it, so you are spinning at the speed of light. But the whole “you” is not going at the same speed. The further you are from the center, the faster you go. So, one half of your brain is going at a greater speed than the other.

But there’s more. According to Relativity, the faster you move, the slower time passes for the object in movement.

Therefore, if you got inside a gigantic, hyper-fast washing machine, one part of your brain would go way faster than the other.

If it hadn’t been liquified before.

That’s one of the dumb thoughts I’ve been having lately.

But I am quite proud of my ability for making up these dumb thoughts. They make life more entertaining, both for myself and for others. They create powerful psychological weapons (aka terrible puns). And they provide new insight on almost any subject.

It is always nice to get something new, isn’t it?



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